Visa – TravelMoscow Russia with guide


Permission to enter the Russian Federation can be issued through the Embassies and Consulates of Russia, began to open Russian visa centers where the same is available registration. There is another way to get a visa to Russia – through an authorized and accredited in the Russian Embassy tour company, which is a commercial intermediary and provides such services.

Russian visa is necessary for all foreign citizens who plan to cross the border, regardless of the purpose. To obtain a visa, it is necessary to issue a tourist invitation for a short stay.

It should be remembered that booking hotels and tickets to Russia is not enough to obtain a visa. According to the visa rules there should be an invitation. For the receipt and processing of the visa we recommend to contact the travel Agency of your country.

The procedure for self-visa:

  • Find a company that will take care of the invitation;
  • Get the original invitation;
  • To collect a package of documents and submit to the Embassy or Consulate of Russia;
  • Get an answer.
  • To facilitate visa obtaining to Russia, we recommend you to buy places in the tour of Russia from travel agencies of your city. In this case, the tour organizer organizes and makes everything. But if you want to travel independently in Russia, it will be easy to get a visa by invitation. Tours to Russia are always interesting and exciting.