Map Excursion to the country residence of Catherine II with interesting history and architecture. On a tour to Tsaritsyno you will see the unique interiors of the Palace, walk through the Palace Tsaritsyno Park, admire the ponds, bridges and caves. Tsaritsyno Park is a monument of garden and Park Russian art of the XVIII century. You will walk through the reserve, visit the Grand Palace and the Opera house.



  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Countries: (1) Tsaritsyno
  • Experiences: 5
  • Ages: 0+

Description of the museums that we visit on a tour of Tsaritsyno


Tsaritsyno Grand Palace is one of the main parts of the ensemble, created in the 18th century. Unfortunately, this building has not been used for its intended purpose, but its architectural merits are undeniable, which allows you to include the structure in the list of the most important monuments of the era, the more that it is made in two different styles.

  • history
  • trip time: 1 hour

Opera house (Middle Palace) is one of the most interesting and complex decorated buildings in Tsaritsyno. Like the Grand Palace, the Middle Palace is meant for Catherine the great. It is designed for small official receptions and ceremonies. Home plays and court entertainments.

  • history
  • trip time: 1 hour

What's included

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    English speaking guide during city tour

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    Excursions to museums on the tour

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    Modern car or bus with air conditioning


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    end: Sunday 09/30/2018
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    price: EUR 600



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