Map We will visit the famous Russian Versailles this luxurious summer Royal residence Peterhof. The main treasure of Peterhof is the famous fountain Park, created by Peter the Great and located near the sea (fountains operate from may to September). We will see many fountains, waterfalls, gilded statues, vases and Russian nature. The Grand Royal Palace rises above the Park and admires tourists with its architecture. This Palace was loved by Empress Elizabeth and Catherine the Great. During a tour of the Park you will visit the famous Sauna cottage, which offers a fascinating insight into the life of the Russian court.



  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Trip to: Peterhof
  • Experiences: 8
  • Ages: 0+

Description of the museums that we visit on a tour of Petergof


Walk with a guide through the beautiful fountain Park Peterhof will show 176 fountains of various shapes and styles, many gilded statues of ancient gods and heroes, the shore of the Finnish sea and the architecture of tsarist Russia.

  • history
  • trip time: 2-3 hours

During the reign of the Romanovs there were balls and celebrations. In the halls of the Palace you will see luxury interiors, many mirrors, gold, wood, silk on the walls, ceremonial portraits of Russian emperors, paintings, porcelain, furniture, bronze.

  • history
  • trip time: 1 hour

What's included

  • Guide

    English speaking guide during city tour

  • Museum

    Excursions to museums on the tour

  • Meals

    Lunch during the excursion is not included in the price

  • Transport

    Modern car or bus with air conditioning


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    number of persons
    price of all
  • start: Sunday 10/01/2017
    end: Monday 04/30/2018
    status: 1-3
    price: EUR 500
  • start: Tuesday 05/01/2018
    end: Saturday 09/01/2018
    status: 1-3
    price: EUR 600



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