Map Bus tour to the ancient and unique city of Pskov. The journey from St. Petersburg to Pskov takes about 3 hours. First, we are waiting for a sightseeing tour of the city of Pskov. We will see the Pskov Kremlin is the longest fortress in Europe with powerful towers and fortress walls. Visit the ancient fortress of Izborsk, where the rules of the Viking Truvor. We will go to Pechora ancient monastery of the 16th century with unique caves. During the tour in Pskov we will get acquainted with the history of Russia, ancient facts, beautiful nature and peasant life.



  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Countries: (1) Pskov
  • Experiences: 5
  • Ages: 0+

Description of the museums that we visit in the city tour Pskov


The main attraction of Pskov is, of course, the Pskov Kremlin. The second name of this building is Pskov Krom. Krom is the old Russian name of the Kremlin and the part of the city it encloses. The Kremlin is located on a rather narrow Cape, just at the junction of the rivers Velikaya and Pskova.

  • history
  • trip time: 1 hour

Izborsk fortress is considered the beginning of the Foundation of the ancient city of Izborsk, mentioned for the first time in the chronicle ``the Tale of bygone years``. Izborsk fortification for many centuries defended the Western borders of Russia. Ancient Izborsk was founded at the turn of VII and VIII centuries on the arrow of the lake Cape, this settlement was later called Truvorovo settlement. Here you can walk through the ancient fortress, see Slovenian Kluchi and eat Russian pancakes with honey.

  • history
  • trip time: 1 hour

One of the largest and most famous in Russia men's monasteries with a long history.

  • cathedral , history
  • trip time: 1 hour

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    English speaking guide during city tour

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