Map City tour of Moscow is the main tour for tourists, because during this tour we will see Vorobyovy Gory, VDNH, the center of Moscow, and this is the Moscow Kremlin and Red square, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, St. Basil's Cathedral, ``Moscow Manhattan``.
Walk on Red square along the Kremlin wall like all tourists, you can make a memorable photo.
Visit the Moscow Kremlin, where there are Red towers, Tsar cannon, Tsar bell and ancient temples.
Visit the Armory chamber, which houses the Royal coaches and clothing of the monarchs, the world-famous cap Monomakh, collection of Easter eggs Carl Faberge.



  • Duration: 6 hours
  • City: Moscow
  • Experiences: 5
  • Ages: 0+

Description of the museums that we visit in the city tour


The most recognizable and visited places in the Russian capital. The red towers of the Kremlin topped with stars is a well-established brand, a symbol of Moscow. Since the XII century, the Kremlin served as a defensive structure, for centuries it has repeatedly burned and rebuilt. Red square has repeatedly become a place of important state events. It hosted national meetings, fairs, parades, and various cultural events.

  • history
  • trip time: 2 hour

The Armory chamber keeps ancient state regalia, ceremonial Royal clothes and coronation dress, vestments of hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, the largest collection of gold and silver products of the Russian masters, Western European art silver, monuments of weapon skill, a collection of crews, objects of ceremonial horse decoration.

  • history
  • trip time: 1 hour

What's included

  • Guide

    English speaking guide during city tour

  • Museum

    Excursions to museums on the tour

  • Meals

    Lunch during the excursion is not included in the price

  • Transport

    Modern car or bus with air conditioning


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  • start: Sunday 10/01/2017
    end: Sunday 04/01/2018
    status: 1-3
    price: EUR 500
  • start: Tuesday 05/01/2018
    end: Sunday 09/30/2018
    status: 1-3
    price: EUR 600



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